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The Set Point, the Settling Point, and What You Can Do About It

In my last post I discussed the complexities of obesity and some of the metabolic and neurobiological effects that cause weight gain and maintenance of a higher body weight. I received a question from my longtime friend and follower, Hayley, about the defense of weight. She asked, “Once an obese person loses weight does their body…

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Obesity is Not a Disease of Sloth and Gluttony*

The most recent data from the CDC indicates that approximately 35% of American adults have obesity (1). In order to reduce prevalence of this disease (yes, disease), a popular notion is that people with obesity just need to “eat less and move more.” Indeed, many public health programs use this concept as their primary approach…

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The Code for Obesity – Written in the Sperm

Finally some focus on the importance of paternal health! There’s LOTS of research on the effect of a mother’s health (and even grandmother’s health) on her child, particularly with regard to obesity. In fact, when using the search terms “maternal health, obesity, children” on PubMed, nearly 2k publications popped up. Using the same search terms, but swapping out “maternal” for “paternal,”…

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